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What's the Difference Between a Dog Behaviorist and a Dog Trainer?

A Dog Behaviorist provides much more than obedience training.  While training is part of the behaviorist's action it is usually a small part of the larger more comprehensive interaction with the dog. A dog trainer's goal is to get the dog to perform a certain behavior such as sit or fetch. A dog behaviorist's goal is to ensure the dog's needs are met and to understand why the dog is behaving as he is. From this, a dog behaviorist is able to provide a personalized plan that creates harmony between human and dog.


I don't know is we'd still have Annie in our family if it weren't for Barbara's intervention.  Annie came to live with us at Christmastime as a gift to our daughter, Olivia.  She had a desire for a new puppy, one she could show at 4H. As parents, we liked the idea of adding another dog to our family but we did not like the idea of going through the puppy stages of potty training, crate training and chewing.  We'd had enough of that with our Chippie, a 4 year old Chihuahua mix.  So when we met Annie while being fostered for the animal shelter at our aunt's house, we fell in love with her.  We knew Annie had a tough beginning but she seemed to take to us, especially my husband, and we felt we could overcome her troubled past.  And at 8 months old she was potty trained and crate trained!  Annie came home on Christmas Eve!

Annie was quiet and cowered from us quite a bit.  But with patience we hoped she'd come around.  And in weeks following she started to show more of her personality, she loved Chippie and seemed to be adjusting well.  Then the honeymoon was over.  There were quite a few chewing incidents (took the corner off an area rug and chewed more shoes than I can remember), an occasional running away to a nearby neighbor despite our calling for her and enticing her with treats.  We live on quite a few acres and the dogs are only outside when we accompany them.  The worst behavior was her consistent soiling in our son's room.  Our confidence in Annie's ability to overcome her past began to waiver.

About this same time Olivia and Annie started 4H and we began to realize just how Annie had been in her first months of life.  EVERYTHING scared her...putting her leash on, walking on the leash, getting in the car, people visiting the house, other dogs and people at 4H...she'd flatten on the ground in shear fright.  At home she'd bark as if the world were ending.  On good days at 4H she'd reluctantly participate but her tail would be so tucked under we knew she was not enjoying her time at 4H.  I was just grateful she wasn't aggressive in her fear.  We began to feel as if we'd failed Annie and Olivia and the thought of returning her to the shelter crossed our minds.  It just seemed more than we could handle.  And Olivia was beginning to be very disappointed in her beautiful dog.  How in the world could Olivia participate in 4H if Annie was scared of the WHOLE WORLD?  Annie has such a sweet way about her I just kept thinking if she could realize how safe she is then she could be happier and wouldn't act this way.  But we had no clue how to help her.  We trudged the fist month of 4H and endured the beginning of obedience training with all the other 4H'ers.

Then Barbara noticed our struggle one evening at 4H.  She approached us, asked a few questions and asked if she could take Annie's lead and walk with her. With relief we she'd Yes!  When they came back Barbara had assessed Annie's situation and gave us her thoughts, ideas and techniques on how we could begin to relate to Annie to communicate with her so that she would know she was safe.  Much of the advice was completely opposite of what we'd been doing.  She taught us about the mentality of dog packs and how to be Annie's pack leader.  We had to reteach ourselves how to relate to Annie.  Slowly at home we began to practice what Barbara talked to us about.  And each week thereafter Barbara would check in with us.  At times she'd take Annie for the duration of our 4H hour to work with her and assess where we were at and offer more advice.  And quite pleasing to us we began to see Annie respond to us at home and at 4H!

As of our last 4H practice, we're still not sure how or if Annie will participate in the 4H show this weekend, but we now have a dog that is more confident, more at ease and beginning to show her loyalty to our family!  She comes when she's called, sits when asked to and stays when we need her to be still!  Annie is even beginning to show tremendous self-control in her barking.  And she rarely flattens in fear...in fact she's beginning to use this move to get her way.  A sign of her toddler rebellion!!  It's also been quite awhile now since any chewing or soiling incidents have happened.  It seems Annie's confidence is growing, she's feeling safer and is a happier dog in all!!!  Barbara's diligent, passionate and persistent attention to our Annie has given us the gift of enjoying her for her lifetime!

Amy Blackketter
Bloomington, Indiana
July 15, 2011


I want to thank you (and Joe) for coming to our home and helping us with our three dogs (two standard poodle puppies and one older miniature pinscher).  From the moment you stepped in the front door you sprinkled your pixie dust without saying a word and our three dogs knew then things were about to change.  You were able to share your magic secrets with my husband and me so that we too could begin to practice it as well.  You were able to give us real-life tactics for how to work with our dogs based upon how we live, which has been extremely helpful.  We have taken other dog obedience classes in the past, even ones where the teaching theories were similar, but were never able to make the transition from classroom to home life.  We continue to work with the dogs in setting boundaries and establishing leadership on a day to day basis.  Life has become less chaotic in our home.  I have become much more aware of my energy that I give out to the dogs and focus on keeping a calm approach with them.  We still have a busy household, but it is much more manageable than it was before.

The contact system you and Joe have worked out is really nice too.  Joe arranges the appointment and all the necessary logistical items associated with the trip and then you implement the behavioral aspect.  It was really nice to hear back from Joe after a week or so to check on us and see how things were going, we really appreciated that.

Thank you again for all of your help, we are greatly appreciative.  We really enjoyed not only working with you, but getting to know you as well.  I would highly recommend you and Joe to anyone needing help with their furry friends.

Best Regards,
Julie Frazier
Newburgh, Indiana

Barbara Edington really knows her stuff--how to understand and manage dog problems.  She was a big help to us with our adopted mixed breed dog, Pogo, who came to us as a 10-year old orphan.  She relates to all dogs and was very understanding of Pogo's particular challenges.  Barbara is always calm and always firm!  At the end she helped us think through the difficult decision to say goodbye to Pogo.  We would highly recommend her services to any- and everyone!

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Nicholson (Cynthia)
Evansville, Indiana